Skykomish River

Fish the Skykomish River in Washington
for huge Salmon and Steelhead. Salmon:

The Skykomish River is a Washington river which drains the west side of the Cascade Mountains in the southeast section of Snohomish County and the northeast corner of King County. The river starts with the confluence of the North Fork of the Skykomish River and the South Fork of the Skykomish River approximately one mile east of Index, Washington, then flowing northwesterly towards Puget Sound. It is joined by the Sultan River at Sultan, Washington. And then meets the Snoqualmie River to form the Snohomish River at Monroe, Washington. The Snohomish River continues along the river valley eventually dumping into Port Gardner Bay on Possession Sound (part of Puget Sound).

United States Highway 2 and the BNSF Railway are routed to follow the Skykomish River to Stevens Pass (which is located at the headwaters of the Tye River, a tributary of the South Fork of the Skykomish River) and the Cascade Tunnel (also along the Tye River).

North Fork of the Skykomish River and the Skykomish South Fork.

North Fork Skykomish River

The headwaters of the North Fork Skykomish River are located in the Henry M. Jackson Wilderness near Dishpan Gap along the Pacific Crest Trail. It flows as a small stream off the north slope of Skykomish Peak. The Wild Sky Wilderness protects tributaries and forests adjacent to the North Fork Skykomish, although not the river itself. The river flows generally in a southwestern direction from its source to its mouth. Just before picking up Goblin Creek, the river flows through a short but impressive canyon and within that canyon the river drops over Deer Falls. A short ways down from that, the river flows through an even shorter but very twisted and interestingly shaped canyon at Bear Creek Falls.

Tributaries of the North Fork

Pass Creek: Leads to Cady Pass.
Quartz Creek: Flows from Monte Cristo Peak, leads to Curry Gap.
Goblin Creek: Flows from Monte Cristo Peak.
West Cady Creek
Troublesome Creek: Flows from Monte Cristo Peak, through Blanca Lake, to join the North Fork just below Bear Creek Falls.
Silver Creek: Rises near Silvertip Mountain and Poodle Dog Pass, flows by Mineral City, joins North Fork just above Galena.
Salmon Creek: Joins North Fork just below Galena.

Common types of salmon are Chinook, king, sockeye, red, Coho, silver, chum, dog, pink, humpy, upriver brights and fall Chinook.

South Fork Skykomish River

The South Fork Skykomish River begins at the confluence of the Tye River and the Foss River, to the east of Skykomish. From the confluence the South Fork flows northwest. Near the eastern boundary of the city of Skykomish, the Beckler River joins it. To the west of the city of Skykomish, the Miller River joins it. Shortly before converging with the North Fork the river drops over Eagle Falls, followed by Canyon Falls and then, finally, Sunset Falls before its confluence with the North Fork.

Tributaries of the South Fork

Beckler River: Joins just below the river's source. Rapid River

Miller River: Joins at Miller River.
Money Creek: Joins the South Fork near Grotto.
Index Creek: Joins South Fork near Baring.
Barclay Creek



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